Who am I? And Where the HELL Are We?

Travellers confusion – and those forgotten “things” we may forget to include in the caravan – can come back to bite us during a holiday.

That’s the warning from Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) who are asking Queenslanders to kick off the ‘pre-back to school’ holiday break safely.

With many families now taking to the roads on that last of the summer adventures QFES Commissioner Katarina Carroll says there were several simple precautions holiday goers could take to enjoy the summer break safely.

“The holidays are far from over and many Queenslanders are taking advantage of the last few weeks before school and work resumes, travelling to various locations to visit family and friends or just relax.”

“It is critical that those staying away from home familiarise themselves with their holiday address and surroundings before beginning their journey. Knowing this information is important if emergency services are required.”

Ms Carroll said it was common for people in a stressful situation to forget their location, hotel or campground address or become confused and relay the incorrect information to Fire Communications Officers.

“When you are sure of your exact location and can communicate this to authorities, valuable minutes can be cut off emergency response times, allowing crews to get to you quicker, which could potentially save your life.”

Ms Carroll reminded Queenslanders setting off on a caravanning holiday to ensure their preparations included fire safety.

“It’s vital that you have the right fire safety equipment before you hit the road, such as a photoelectric smoke alarm, a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher,” she said.

“Never leave cooking unattended, keep tea towels and other flammable items away from cooking appliances, and turn off all gas cylinders while the caravan is being towed or the campervan engine is on.

“It’s also important to have a well-practised fire escape plan for your van. Know the location of your caravan’s escape windows and hatches, understand how they work and keep them clear.”