What’s Your “Plan B’ this Festive Season?

Queensland drivers are being asked to have a ‘Plan B’ ready as they celebrate the festive season.

The new Christmas safety campaign highlights the dangers of drinking and driving and an increased presence of random breath testing operations.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey says sadly, we have already seen a horror start to the Christmas road toll and says campaigns like ‘Plan B’ aim to reduce road incidents by identifying risky and illegal behaviour and reminding road users of the potential implications.

“Plan B asks Queenslanders to have an alternative ready, so they don’t drive after drinking and fail an RBT or cause a crash injuring themselves or others, or worse. Although many people understand the dangers of drink driving, it remains a major factor in Queensland’s road trauma, contributing to almost 20 per cent of our road toll last year.”

Police Minister Mark Ryan also joined the call.

Mark Ryan MP“If you drink and drive you risk losing your licence but, more importantly, you are putting your life and the life of others at risk,” Mr Ryan said.

Mobile random breath testing operations will be out in force on Queensland roads.

Last year during the 50-day campaign, 40 people were killed, and 2171 people were injured in traffic crashes, highlighting the need for Queenslanders to take extreme care on the roads in the busy Christmas holiday period.

One in 4 road fatalities involved a driver under the influence of drugs and alcohol so during this festive season we are pleading with Queenslanders to make the right choices and not to drink and drive.

Minister Bailey says there are no excuses for drink driving.

“It is up to all of us to take responsibility for our driving behaviour if we want to prevent avoidable tragedies.”

The Plan B campaign is running for four weeks during the Christmas/New Year holiday period, and will also run on key public holiday periods, including Australia Day and Anzac Day.

It includes television and radio commercials, online/digital advertising, advertising in venues such as pubs and clubs, outdoor and transit advertising, a strong social media presence, and a comprehensive drink driving section on the Join the Drive to Save Lives website.