Weekly sales report


The results from this week’s Charters Towers combined agents prime and store sale.

A total of 1132 cattle consisting of 564 prime and 568 store cattle were yarded at the Dalrymple Saleyards yesterday.

The make up of the prime yarding was six bullocks, 21 heifers, 495 cows and 42 bulls and the store cattle consisted of 193 steers, 338 heifers and 37 cows and calves.

Most beasts were in good condition, drawn from Einasleigh, Normanton, Croydon, local and coastal areas.

On the whole prices eased considerably on last week’s good rates.

One bullock sold on account of J Lavery, Rocky Creek topped at 246c/kg, weighing 460kgto return $1132.

The best trade heifers sold for Mt Douglas Pastoral Co, ‘Mt Douglas’, Clermont, returned $1021 per head from a weight of 371kg to top at 276c/kg.

The highest priced cows topped at 218c/kg for a pen from B & Y Candy, ‘Southwick West’, Charters Towers, weighing 500kg to return $1091 per head.

Of the bulls the best were sold on account of P & T Edgington, Charters Towers, for $1058 per head topping at 230c/kg at a weight of 460kg.

On average store heifers jumped 20c on last week’s sales due to the strong local market.

A good pen of I Berryman, Charters Towers, heifers topped at 311c/kg at a weight of 323kg to return $1006 a head.

Eight young Brahman steers sold on account of J Walters, made 378c/kg but only weighed in at 128kg to return $489 per head.

Cows & Calves sold on account of Brian Postlethwaite, Charters Towers returned $1340 per unit.