Weekly sales report


Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 1539 head of cattle at this week’s Dalrymple sales.

The yarding consisted of healthy 1004 prime cattle and 535 store cattle.

The prime cattle consisted of 183 bullocks, 75 heifers, 698 cows and 48 bulls.

Store cattle consisted of 317 steers, 155 heifers, 4 cows and 59 cows & calves.

Cattle comprised of a mixed quality yarding including some larger lines of better cows but an overall average sale.

This week’s yarding was drawn from Townsville, Forsayth, Muttaburra, Richmond, Belyando and local and coastal areas.

The condition of the cattle was mostly good particularly for the pens of cows.

Overall bullocks were quoted 10c easier, heifers 15c easier and cows 5c easier on last week’s impressive rates.

Of the prime cattle bullocks sold on account of Pedracini Grazing Trust, ‘Scartwater’, Charters Towers returned a massive $1,428 per head topping at 232.2c/kg on 615kg.

The top trade heifers were sold on account of Dreghorn Cattle Company, Charters Towers topping at 226.2c/kg from a weight of 365kg to return $805 per head.

The best priced pen of cows topped at 205.2c/kg, returning $891 per head from 434kg for RC Flute in Richmond.

RI & DA McCullough bulls from Bruslee, Charters Towers topped at 224.2c/kg from a smaller weight of 515kg to return $1,154 per head.

Of the store cattle, which were made up of mostly good lines of Brahman X cattle in very good condition with both heifers and steers slightly easier on last week.

A pen of 11 steers sold on account of Pace Farming, Rollingstone made 290.2c/kg and weighed 141kg, returning $411 per head.

A good pen of 10 heifers sold on account of Hyden Pastoral Company, Eight Mile Station, Dalbeg made 257.2¢/kg, weighed 207kg and returned a good average of $532 per head.

There were 42 cows & 42 calves sold on account of TA Priestly, Goldsmith Station, Forsayth returned $1,160 per unit.