Weekly Sales Report

Geaney'sAt this week’s Dalrymple Sales Charters Towers Combined Agents had a total yarding of 1552 head consisting of 855 prime cattle and 697 store cattle.

The prime cattle was made up of 265 bullocks, 95 heifers, 459 cows and 36 bulls.

The store cattle consisted of 466 steers, 218 heifers and 13 cows & calves.

The cattle, drawn from Croydon, Forsayth, Belyando, Ingham, Bowen and local areas, comprised of an overall better quality yarding in all lines, especially in the bullocks.

They were quoted 5c dearer on last week, heifers were also 5c dearer and cows were up 15c on last week’s rates.

A pen of 18 crossbred bullocks sold on account of Mt Douglas Pastoral Co, ‘Mt Douglas’, Clermont made 264.2c/kg at a weight of 488.3kg to total $1,290 per head.

Nine bullocks sold also on account of Mt. Douglas Pastoral Co that weighed 391.1kg, topped at 266.2c/kg to return $1,041 per head.

The top priced trade heifers sold on account of Pedracini Grazing Trust, ‘Scartwater’, Charters Towers, returned $871 per head from a topping of 235.2c/kg and a weight of 370.4kg.

The Department of Agriculture & Fisheries sold the best pen of cows for 225.0c/kg to weigh 530kg and return $1,192 per head.

AJ & MA Spurdle bulls returned $1,404 per head, topped at 229.0c/kg and weighed 613.3kg.

Of the store cattle, a pen of steers sold on account of RJ & AG Christensen, ‘One Mile’, Ravenswood, made 288.2c/kg and weighed 173.1kg to realise $498 per head.

A good pen of 10 heifers sold on account of RD & AB Johnston, Charters Towers, topped at 249.2c/kg, weighed 237kg to return a good average of $590 per head.

Cows & Calves sold on account of S & R Gough returned $760 per unit.