Weekly sales report


This morning at the Dalrymple Saleyards, Charters Towers combined agents had a yarding of 967 cattle, another relatively small sale given the infrequent nature of the sales so far this year.

There were 515 prime cattle consisting of 163 bullocks, 35 heifers, 261 cows and 56 bulls.

Also yarded were 452 store cattle of 302 steers, 85 heifers, 0 cows and 65 cows & 64 calves

The yarding showed mixed condition with several lines of well finished bullocks and smaller number of well finished cattle.

Sales were made on account of properties from Belyando, Forsayth, Georgetown and local and coastal areas.

On last sales, bullock prices went up but both heifer and cow prices eased.

Brahman X bullocks sold on account of E & H Matthews, Charters Towers topped at 262c/kg, weighing 611kg to return $1603 per head.

Heavy bullocks averaged at 248.9c/kg.

J & T Holdings trade heifers returned $1002 per head on 445kg beasts to top at 225c/kg.

On average heavy heifers pulled 225.2c/kg, easing 20c on last sale.

A pen of KA & ME Vaughan cows sold 223c/kg at a weight of 500kg, returning $1118 per head.

Of the 22 bulls yarded those sold on account of Mt Douglas Past Co, ‘Mt Douglas’, Clermont were the best of the bunch only topping at 200.2c/kg, but at a weight of 590kg still returned $1181 per head.

Bulls on average only sold at 173.2c/kg.

Store cattle prices followed a similar trend, down 10-15c on last sales.

A pen of 20 young steers weighing 177kg sold on account of Graham Quinn topped at 354c/kg to return $626 per head.

A further Graham Quinn 12 steers weighing 236.7kg topped at 346.2c/kg realising $819 per head.

A pen of light heifers sold on account of Graham Wilson & Co, ‘Robinhood’, Forsayth, sold for 242.2 c/kg, weighing 180kg to bring $436 per head.

Across the board cows and calves sold from $500 to $1400 per unit.