Weekly market report

At yesterday’s sales Charters Towers combined agents yarded a total of 1883 cattle consisting of 1058 prime cattle and 825 store cattle.

The prime cattle was made up of 232 bullocks, 122 heifers, 666 cows and 38 bulls.

Of the store cattle there were 497 steers, 316 heifers and 12×12 cows & calves.

The prime pens held of some of the best lines yarded in the last few weeks.

There was good competition from all meat processors with two live exporters operating also making bullocks and cows, overall, dearer than previous weeks.

The yarding was drawn from Normanton, Georgetown, Weipa, Cloncurry, Mt Isa, Burketown, Ingham, Mossman, Richmond and local and coastal areas.

All lines were quoted 6-15c dearer than last week’s sales.

A pen of local bullocks from Scona Pastoral Co. topped at 264.2c/kg from a weight of 555kg to return $1466 per head.

Trade heifers sold on account of Lawn Hill and Riversleigh Pastoral Caring Co. in Mt Isa made 240c/kg to return $1208 per head at a weight of 503.3kg.

The best priced pen of cows was again sold on account of Scona Pastoral Co. with the beasts topping at 217.2c/kg, weighing 549.3kg to bring in $1193 per head.

A good quality pen of red Brahman cows from the earlier Mt Isa property pulled $1053 per head from 213.2c/kg and a weight of 494.2kg.

The best bulls were sold on account of EJT & KL Camp and brought 221.2c/kg from 537.5kg to realise $1188 per head.

It was the same story with the store cattle with all lines pushing dearer than last week in a good sign for the market.

A pen of 21 light steers sold for C Easton made 328.2c/kg from 158.6kg to make $520 per head.

A pen of local No5 red Brahman steers from Somerview Station made 302.2c/kg, weighed 295kg and returned $891 per head.

A good pen of 13 heifers from Stonington Station in Pentland made a healthy 274.2c/kg from 241.5kg to bring in a good total of $662 per head.

Cows & calves returned $950 per unit.