Water Politicking Worries QFF


The Queensland Farmers Federation are expressing alarm at recent senate actions by the Green Party and it says two recent senate moves are nothing short of misguided and dangerous.

Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) President Stuart Armitage says the Greens’ call for the Australian Government to split the agriculture and water portfolios and the motion to disallow the Implementation Agenda for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan are reckless and regressive.

Mr Armitage says both moves highlight the Greens’ willingness to play with the future prosperity of rural and regional Australia to simply further what appears to be an anti-agriculture agenda.

“The Greens’ apparent anti-agriculture and anti-irrigation agenda will have damaging real-life consequences for communities, jobs and production. Any moves to break apart the constructive and beneficial grouping of the federal agriculture and water portfolios should not be entertained.”

“In Queensland farmers know all too well the bureaucratic inefficiencies that stem from a disjointed and cumbersome agricultural water system. Agriculture is responsible for the management and use of 60% of the state’s water yet it is regulated and managed across five non-agricultural departments and ministerial portfolios.”

Mr Armitage says this arrangement creates a fragmented approach to the planning and management of agricultural water.

“The last thing Queensland farmers need is for further bureaucratic hurdles through inefficiencies coming out of Canberra.”

“Unfortunately, the Greens have failed to understand that pulling apart the logical and synergistic coupling of agriculture and water will do nothing to address their concerns.”

Mr Armitage says QFF are also concerned about the recent efforts to undo the Basin Plan Implementation Agenda.

“The MDBA’s Northern Basin Review clearly identified that amendments were needed and would not compromise environmental outcomes.”

“The Basin Plan has a strong history of bipartisan support, and we trust that at the federal level the Coalition and Labor will continue that tradition. That has certainly been the case in Queensland.”