Un-Australian Qantas flogs the fans with hefty finals flights

kat qan

Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has launched a scathing attack against the major airlines, labelling them ‘un-Australian’ for jacking up the prices of flights from North Queensland to Sydney for the NRL Grand Final this weekend.

“If there has ever been an un-Australian, it is the leadership of Qantas – Mr Joyce.”

Mr Katter says he wants to remind the “bosses” that Qantas was founded in and around Cloncurry noting that many people (his grandfather included) invested their money to provide a service to the people of Australia.

“That service, which we call Qantas, has become a service to the CEO cabal that runs this country.”

“They all seem to be foreigners. The head of the instrumentalities that were once government run; postal services – $5.8m Mr Fahour had been paying himself, Mr Hockridge of Aurizon was paying himself $6.1m before he retired, and Mr Joyce is the world champion – he’s paying himself $25m a year.”

“Now while he is paying himself $25m a year, he’s skinning the people in NQ, the most outrageous and Un-Australian thing, he’s stopping North Qlders from getting to the NRL grand final.”

“The stench of their self-servicing greed revolts every person; every Australian in this country has had enough.”

Mr Katter has written to the Chairman of the ACCC for a third consecutive year. In his letter Mr Katter warned that major airlines should not be using events such as grand final football to flex thin oligopolistic market power at the expense of everyday Australians.

“It’s the duty of the ACCC to be a watchdog and oversee fair trading practices in our country.”