Turnbull Government must clarify Plans today

State Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne is calling on the Turnbull Government to give some clarity to graziers today, as the confusion over Defence Force land acquisitions continues to cause angst.

Herveys range“A big question remains for the graziers in Charters Towers. This has been a shemozzle from the beginning and there are still big questions to be answered.”

The Minister says Barnaby Joyce must bring forward his trip to Queensland today to ensure local farmers know what is actually happening with the Turnbull Government’s plans.

Mr Byrne said the Federal Government had let the issue go on for too long.

“Malcolm Turnbull says they will investigate alternative locations and sites? Who’s in the firing line now?”

State Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls today says the Prime Minister has has confirmed to him, during a lengthy conversation, that he has ordered the Defence Department to scout alternative areas for expanded military training grounds.

But his office has been unable to shed light on such an assurance for Herveys Range graziers facing the same plight.