Turn It On – But Safely

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace is urging us to develop a new approach to a favourite turn on.

safety_switchesShe has launched a safety campaign to better protect Queenslanders against electrical shock in their homes.

The ‘One safety switch may not be enough’ campaign kicks off this week and encourages Queenslanders to install safety switches on every circuit.

“Safety switches which save lives – it’s that simple,” according to Minister Grace.

The campaign urges us to ensure that next time we get electrical work done, we ask the electrician to put in some extra safety switches.

Minister Grce says unlike circuit breakers which protect equipment, safety switches help protects us, our family and anyone visiting our home from potentially fatal electric shock.

“Safety switches turn off the power in a fraction of a second when leakage of current is detected. This can happen if there’s a faulty power point or electrical appliance, or you accidentally hit a live cable while drilling into a wall or gardening.”

Safety switches have been a mandatory requirement for power and lighting circuits in new homes, rentals and older homes as they’re sold for a few years now. But the risk is still there on other circuits.

Six deaths in Queensland homes over recent years would have been prevented had a safety switch been fitted to all circuits.

The online and social media campaign includes a Facebook competition and free advice from our electrical safety experts, and will run for a month.

More details are available at worksafe.qld.gov.au/safetyswitches