Tragedy Strikes Acton Family One More Time


40 year old Brent Acton lost his life yesterday doing what he most loved- flying in the risky world of aerial cattle mustering.

The 40-year- old father-of two lost his life when his Robinson R22 helicopter hit powerlines and exploded in a fiery crash, at a cattle station on the Burke Developmental Rd., 25km north of Cloncurry.

He is survived by his wife Shona and two young sons.

Queensland Police say it was believed the aircraft had manoeuvred into the powerlines, just before the crash and burst into flames. A report is being prepared for the coroner.

Mr Acton, a member of the Acton Super Beef family dynasty, a fourth-generation Queensland cattle empire and his death and this accident marks the third Outback tragedy to strike the family in six years.

Graeme Acton died in a horse riding accident in 2014.

His nephew, Joseph Acton, died in a car accident near Normanton in 2011.