The Need for Speed

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is calling on residents to volunteer to be part of a new program that will measure and compare broadband speeds across the region.

internet-speedThe Nation-Wide program will install hardware-based devices in around 4,000 households over four years. These devices will perform remote testing to determine typical speeds on fixed-line NBN services at various times throughout the day.

This program aims to deliver transparent consumer information about typical broadband speeds and performance at various times throughout the day.

ACCC Acting Chair Delia Rickard says with Australians spending over 4 billion dollars per year on fixed broadband services ACCC remains keen to ensure service delivery.

“Currently many consumers are left angry, frustrated, and dissatisfied by services that don’t deliver the peak speeds that are promised.”

“The volunteers will be helping to produce accurate, transparent, and comparable information about the quality and reliability of the fixed-line broadband services available in their area. This will lead to more competition and better value for money for broadband services.”

NBN picThe ACCC says the broadband speeds program will also help it determine if issues relating to poor speeds at peak times are being caused by the performance of the NBN or the network management decisions made by the internet service providers (ISP).

“The program will allow the ACCC to determine if issues are being caused by the performance of the NBN, or by ISPs not buying sufficient capacity.”

“We believe it is crucial that consumers have access to information about the speed and quality of the broadband services they are paying for, especially as thousands of new NBN plans hit the market.”

More information is available here: Monitoring broadband performance
To sign up, visit: Broadband performance and monitoring program: call for volunteers. Initial applications are open until the end of July 2017.