Sustainability and technology the focus for agricultural educators event

‘Sustaining our agri-future’ and the role of cutting-edge science and technology in agriculture will be the focus of a biennial event for the nation’s agricultural educators being held in Brisbane in January 2019.

AgFutures Innovation and Investment Forum
The agricultural educators conference in Brisbane will be the final event delivered by the School to Industry Partnership Program following the Government’s decision not to renew the program’s funding.

It follows last month’s final ‘Moo Baa Munch’ agricultural awareness event at Toowoomba that was attended by about 600 local primary and high school students and a record number of agribusinesses.

AgForce has supported and managed the School to Industry Partnership Program since it began in 2004 with 100% of funds going towards whole-of-agriculture education activities and services.

The annual budget is $181,000 with two part-time staff employed to deliver the program.

AgForce School to Industry Liaison Officer Tanya Nagle says the ‘Sustaining Our Agri-Future: Education For A Sustainable Future’ conference would be the largest of its kind held in Queensland and was aimed at teachers, agriculture assistants, lab technicians and other interested educators.

“Farming has changed significantly over the years and today’s educators need to know how modern agriculture is adapting to continue to feed and clothe us sustainably while also protecting the environment for future generations.”

“The conference will examine sustainable farming practices and ecosystem services as well as ensuring teachers have the skills, information and resources they need to teach the next generation.”

The conference will run over four days from 14 – 17 January 2019 and feature a range of speakers with extensive experience in all aspects of agriculture as well as hands-on workshops and industry tours led by industry experts to a fingerline farm, camel dairy, aquaculture facilities, food science labs, and many other locations.

“Our children need to know where their food and fibre comes from, and they need to know there are many opportunities to get a job in agriculture.”

“This event will demonstrate that the primary industries are a valuable and high-tech field operating at the cutting edge of science and technology, and will bring agriculture back into the forefront of education by showing teachers that agriculture is vital to our future prosperity.”