Support Grows for Farmers Protests

As hundreds of farmers gather outside Parliament House in George St Brisbane to protest at the State Governments’ proposed Vegetation Management law changes support continues to mount across the state for their stance.

rally farmers 2
The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and industry members have condemned the proposed legislation due to go before the house this morning.

QFF President Stuart Armitage says the process has failed.

Mr Armitage says that despite receiving 777 genuine submissions and conducting eight public hearings across Queensland where almost 130 witnesses appeared, the State Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Industry Development Committee had not listened to the farming community.

Those hearings have also been backed up by a petition signed by tens of thousands spearheaded by member for Warrego Ann Leahy.

“Farmers actively engaged in and held out hope for the Parliamentary process, travelling vast distances to attend public hearings, using poor regional internet connections to have their say online, and being part of rallies across the state.”

“The fact that the Committee has not opposed removing the already heavily regulated clearing provisions for irrigated high-value agriculture, when all the evidence shows that this is small-scale, responsible clearing that also delivers better environmental outcomes, indicates that this process has been little more than a partisan rubber stamp.”

“It brings into question whether the basic mechanics of our Parliamentary process are fit for purpose.”

Protestors are calling for regional members of the Labor Party to cross the floor and vote down the proposed changes.