Summer Flu Bites Hard – ‘Top Up’ vaccinations

A summer flu resurgence continues to sweep across the state, according to health experts with the number of confirmed cases in December as high of what we saw during the peak of the 2018 influenza epidemic.


There’s been 1950 ‘official’ flu notifications in Queensland in December 2018. Queensland Health is urging pregnant women to get a flu vaccination.

“Pregnant women should be vaccinated against the flu in the third trimester of pregnancy at any time of the year.”

Doctors are also advising people with chronic health conditions to speak to their GP’s about the possibility of having another flu vaccine to protect themselves.

Doctor Richard Kidd says there’s now some evidence that people’s immunity doesn’t stay strong after vaccination early in the year, all the way through to September.

“Something some doctors have been doing is giving very high-risk patients a second flu vaccine later in the season.”