Strong second-up Dalrymple sales


There were no sales last week but prices on all prime lines were dearer at yesterday’s weekly prime and store sales at the Dalrymple saleyards.

Last fortnight was a strong showing for a first sale of the year but this yarding drawn from Tully, Greenvale, Hughenden, Julia Creek, local and coastal areas has topped it.

Recent rain has no doubt helped vendors who were no doubt really struggling only a month or two ago.

There was a total of 437 cattle yarded made up of 225 prime and 212 store cattle.

Bullocks were quoted 2-5c dearer, heifers were unchanged and cows were 10-20c dearer on last week’s rates.

The only heavy prime heifer yarded sold for 249.2c/kg.

Bullocks sold on account of Hewitt Enterprises from “Hanging Rock Station”, Belyando, topped at 275.2c/kg, weighing 660kg to total $1816 per head.

R & V Molyneaux trade heifers from “Wongabeena” in Charters Towers sold at 267.2c/kg to weigh 340kg and return $908 per head.

Medium heifers averaged at 224.2c/kg with 11 head sold.

A good, heavy pen of cows weighed at 465kg topped at 256.2c/kg to return $1193 per head, well above the average 442kg and $1073 per head.

Five bulls were sold but the best of the bunch was on account of Peter Stenzel from Tully topping at 240.2c/kg, weighed at 550kg for a nice return of $1321 per head.

That’s up 40.2c/kg and $141 on last weeks top bull.

Of the store cattle, steers up to 200kg averaged 326.2c/kg with the best pen coming from G Toomby, Hervey’s Range which made 352.2c/kg, weighing 176kg to realise $620 per head.

Steers up to 320kg topped at 347.2c/kg, up to 400kg topped at 304.2c/kg and over 400’s topped at 279.2c/kg.

Of the store heifers the best pen was a lot of 7 sold on account of M C Vicary, “Somerset Station”, Charters Towers, weighed at 239kg made 260.2c/kg to return $668 per head.

Cows & Calves sold on account of R & V Molyneaux again of Charters Towers returned $920 per unit.