Stick With Charters Towers – Competition Update!

Hi all,

We’ve received an amazing response so far with the Stick With Charters Towers campaign… Some very creative and thoughtful posts have been received!

What we’ve also received is your feedback, and taking it into consideration, we’ve extended the competition til the 27th February, 2015!

We’re also making it even EASIER to enter the competition.. So have a read below to see how we’ve made it easier for you to either win an iPad Mini, win a $400 cash prize for your sports or community club, or win $400 worth of dynamic advertising presence for your business.

All you have to do now is take a photo of your Sticker and MMS the picture to 0488 026 721, along with your Name, Post Code and best contact number. We’ll do the rest and upload the photo to the competition to allow your peers to vote on what deserves to be number ONE in your chosen category!

It’s really that simple now, so we’re looking forward to seeing even MORE of you stick with Charters Towers!!


Charters Towers Plus More Team