Spell Out the Ag. Impact

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has some key questions for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as the ALP reaffirms its commitment to a 2030 reduction in emissions of 45%.

Mr Littleproud says Labor has not explained where those cuts would come from and in particular, how it plans to reach those targets without massive cuts to the farm sector.

“I call on Labor to rule out shrinking Australia’s national herd as a way of cutting emissions. Our farmers deserve certainty, so they can run their businesses, which happen to feed the nation.”

“It’s difficult to see where such large emissions cuts would come from unless Labor intends to cut into agriculture. If Labor intends to drive down agriculture emissions, we need to know how.”

“Labor’s emissions cuts have to come from somewhere. Are transport and “agriculture in the firing line?”

“Does this involve farmers having less stock, and Labor shrinking Australia’s national herd? Does it include banning all forms of vegetation management by farmers on private land?”

“I’ve long said rewarding farmers for the biodiversity on their land would be smarter than the big stick approach on this issue.”

Currently the agriculture sector is said to be responsible for 13% of Australia’s emissions with that figure falling annually since 2015.