(S)extortion email Warning

Police say they have received many reports of an extortion email being sent to members of the community.

The email suggests the recipient of the email has been filmed viewing adult content websites and the video will be released unless a payment is made using Bitcoin. This is commonly referred to as cyber (s)extortion.

To attach some validity to the threats, the scammer includes a password which is familiar to you, making you think the threat is real.

Police say although the password may be familiar to the receiver, the information may have resulted from being hacked in a website data breach and in most cases are old email passwords.

Their advice is for anyone who receives this or like emails, it should be treated like all spam emails and deleted.

They warn not to respond in any way as this validates your email address for the scammer and could be on sold.
Should the receiver have any concerns, all account passwords should be updated immediately.

To avoid becoming a victim of Cyber Crime and how to report these matters, visit the R U in Control page on the Mypolice blog at www.mypolice.qld.gov.au/incontrol