Scam Alert…. Fake Payment Scam

The Police Financial and Cyber Crime Group are warning of a current scam involving online purchases and fake bank statement receipts doing the rounds in Our Towns and across the state.

online shopping scam
Police say victims are reporting that after advertising items for sale online, they are contacted to ‘organise a sale’.

The scammers then then send through a screenshot of the payment for the item and often a copy of a (forged) drivers licence.

Police say the scammer-buyer then tries to convince the seller that they really need to pick up the item urgently due to circumstances beyond their control or they may offer you more money to be able to pick it up before the payment reaches your account.

The scammer-buyer will then advise they have arranged for a relative or a ride share driver or ‘friend’ to pick up the item.

A few days later the seller will realise the “payment” was fake when the money doesn’t hit their account.

Police say it is important to note that payment screenshots can easily be forged with software and apps and offer these tips for on line selling of items:

• Utilise a secure payment system like “PayPal”.
• If you are selling items online and are accepting an EFT, wait until the funds are in your account before handing over the item.
• Do not rely on a screenshot as proof of payment.

And Police say never hand over any item until the money has arrived in your account.