Rotary Lookout getting a spruce up

bucklands' hill

The Rotary Lookout, fondly known as Bucklands’s Hill, in Richmond Hill will be receiving State Government funding for a revamp to the access point.

Charters Towers Regional Council Mayor Liz Schmidt says the new project will help create a new tourist destination in town.

“It will make it easier for tourists and caravans, whoever, to go to the top and see what we’ve got to offer from a higher vantage point,” Cr Schmidt says.

“Any money that comes to regional Australia is a good thing, recognition that we need help to do these little projects that help bring in tourists or keep tourists in town a little longer is always a good thing.”

The asphalt on the entrance and in the carpark will all be resurfaced making it easier to access.

There will be a co-contribution of $27,500 each from both the Government and from Council.

“It’s certainly an advantage for regional areas like this where even small amounts of money can help us do something for the town,” Cr Schmidt says.

Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey announced the successful sites while visiting Henry Ross Lookout near Cairns late last week.

The upgrades are part of a $3.2 million program the State Government are rolling out.

“The Scenic Lookout Upgrade Program was set up to help local councils revitalise existing lookouts across Queensland,” Mr Bailey says.

“We had a great response, with 38 submissions received and I am pleased to announce 28 scenic lookouts in 25 council areas will be improved as a result of this much needed funding boost.

“All sites were assessed against set criteria and prioritised by the Department of Transport and Main Roads in consultation with the Department of Tourism, Major Events and Small Business.”

Cr Schmidt says Council hopes this will shine a brighter spotlight on the lookout, and help drive the traffic visiting the Towers Hill lookout to this one also.

“It’s a beautiful place, it gives the community and the tourists the ability to see us from a different vantage point to be able to look out and see what we do have to offer, it’s lovely,” she says.

“From a Council’s point of view we’ll push that, once we get some better access to it we’ll push it.

“It’s sort of hidden away in a bit of a suburban area and many people don’t know it’s there so I think it definitely needs to be pushed.”

In these tough times, giving tourists another reason to visit, or stay longer in town, is a positive.

Cr Schmidt says Council are thankful for the assistance they receive from the Government for these types of projects.

“Every bit helps, absolutely, it’s recognition that we do need these bits of help from time to time and hopefully that will lead into the bigger help that we need,” she says.

“If we can sell ourselves and let them understand that we need their help and that we’re prepared to come half and half with them is always a good thing.”