Rex pledges $1 million for drought relief

Regional Express (Rex), Australia’s largest independent regional airline has decided to set aside $1 million for drought relief to regional Australia.


The Rex Drought Relief fund will be available to all community groups working to alleviate the impact of the drought and will be in the form of $4 of travel on the Rex network for every $1 raised by the community groups and small businesses that are providing assistance to victims of the drought.

Rex’s deputy Chairman, John Sharp AM, says the airline also intends to begin collecting donations on all flights to provide cash contributions to a nominated charity involved in the drought relief effort.

“Rex’s heart is in the Country, and our thoughts and prayers go out to all residents of communities in regional Australia who are facing unimaginable hardship as they struggle to make ends meet and keep their crop and stock alive.”

“Rex intends to extend its assistance beyond the current financial year should the drought continue, as long as Rex continues to trade profitably.”

Mr Sharp says Rex is also calling on other carriers and large listed corporations to similarly stand in solidarity with our fellow Australians when they are suffering the most.

“Rex challenges them to follow our example by contributing at least 0.3% of their turnover to drought relief. Should this happen, this will bring in over $1 billion in corporate contributions that, together with State and Federal funding, could make a whole world of difference.”

Interested parties for drought assistance may apply via the Rex website under About Rex – Sponsorship.