Rain hampers Expo prep


Leigh Colledge (right) of Arrow Farmquip and his helper.

Organisers say the Northern Beef Producers Expo is still on track despite the bad weather.

The much welcomed rain over today has no doubt raised the spirits of a few of the graziers who will be attending the expo in the next 48 hours.

Northern Beef Producers Inc President Martin Holzwart says nothing short of a natural disaster will stop them.

“Unless we get flooded out or washed out it shouldn’t worry us too much, it’s affected the preparations but it shouldn’t affect the day tomorrow,” Mr Holzwart says.

“The rain is slowing things down just a little bit but I’d say it’s more of a mood lifter more than anything with how things have been for the last few years.”

Preparations are well underway with the more than 80 trade exhibitors setting up there stations in the downpour.

“Really good so far we’ve got a lot of the trades set up so far and there will be a lot more coming in later this afternoon,” he says.

“We’ll be ready to go by 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, gates will be open rain, hail or shine.

“The weather forecast for tomorrow looks pretty sunny, it’ll be overcast probably and a little bit cooler for people, so if we can get through it this afternoon and get everything set up we should be a pretty good weekend.”

Cattle equipment company Arrow Farmquip’s Leigh Colledge (pictured) says hopefully the rain doesn’t push people away from attending.

“I’ve never been here before so I don’t know but I’d like to think there’s about a hundred grand in sales out here,” he says.

“It’s an excellent concept, it’s nice and small so everyone will get a chance to get around and have a bite of the cherry.”

Mr Colledge says their preparations are going well and even with the thunderstorm and thankfully all the gear arrived unharmed.

“She dropped a bit of rain, the heavens sent a bit of rain down but we kept working because we want to get it all ready for tomorrow, we’re looking forward to it, should be a good day,” he says.

“We can sell in rain, hail or shine.”

Territory Manager for North Queensland of Philmac Fittings says their business deals in water so a bit of rain never hurt them.

“Rain doesn’t bother us, we’re a water fitting product so we’re always in the wet,” he says.

“Yeah, we’ll be ready to go (despite the rain), I just got the short straw, the other guys are at an indoor expo down in Brisbane.”

The Expo is free entry and is running tomorrow and Saturday with guest speaker and live entertainment as well as demonstrations and exhibits.

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