QFF Encourages a Money Saver

Queensland farmers are being encouraged to sign up the Agricultural Tariff Trial to get a better understanding of their electricity usage and to save money on their electricity bill.

tractor plantingAny farmers located in the Ergon Energy area can join the trial, with registrations closing Tuesday,2 May.

The trial will give farmers the chance to test off-peak and demand-based electricity tariffs under the Regional Business Support Package. The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and industry members Canegrowers and Cotton Australia have been involved in planning and promoting the trial that is now recruiting up to 200 farmers.

QFF is working with Ergon Energy, who is administering the trial, to ensure it remains relevant to users currently in a drought declared area and accessing drought assistance.

QFF President Stuart Armitage says that the rising cost of electricity continues to be the number one concern across the intensive agriculture sector, with many farm businesses experiencing unsustainable price increases.

“It is important that farmers sign up to the tariff trial. This information will be critical as the current agricultural tariffs are phased out.”

“Across Queensland there are over 42,000 regional customers that will be transitioning to cost-reflective (demand) electricity tariffs by 1 July 2020.”

“A large number of farm businesses remain unaware of the changing tariffs and how this will impact their business post 1 July 2020.”

“The Ergon Tariff Trials are a win-win for farmers who may save money on the electricity bill and receive a better understanding of their usage through the smart meters available through the trial.”

DETAILS & REGISTRATION: https://www.ergon.com.au/retail/business/tariffs-and-prices/agricultural-tariff-trial