Public warned of potentially lethal drug possibly in circulation


Police are issuing a warning to the community of a potentially lethal drug which may be in circulation in Australia.

Paramethoxymethamphetamine or PMMA is a drug closely related to PMA (paramethoxymethamphetamine) and often misrepresented as MDMA or ecstasy. Both PMA and PMMA have been referred to as Death, Dr Death, Killer and Red Mitsubishi.

Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker of the Drug and Serious Crime Group says that the drug has potential to cause serious harm or death.

“Both PMA and PMMA have considerable potential to cause serious harm or even death,” says Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker of the Drug and Serious Crime Group.

“Our concern is that multiple overseas deaths have been attributed to the drug PMMA, in particular a pink/light red Superman symbol tablet (as above), found to contain deadly amounts of PMMA.

“We believe there is a possibility this particular tablet form may be circulating in Australia, however this has not been confirmed at this point” he says.

PMMA can be a white powder, but can also appear pink, beige or yellowish on the street. In Queensland it has been detected in other tablet and capsule forms.

“We are certainly not singling out any drug and suggesting it to be more or less dangerous than any other illicit drugs,” says Mr Wacker.

“It is important to understand that any illicit drug is potentially lethal as you really have no idea what you’re actually buying, nor in most cases does the person selling it to you.

“We are however warning the public of the hazards of these drugs and the consequences,” he says.