The Bush Takes George St, Brisbane

Framers Rally

Hundreds of farmers and supporters are gathering outside of Parliament House in Brisbane as the AgForce Rally against the State Governments’ proposed vegetation Management law changes go before the parliament for debate this morning. The vegetation Management Law changes are listed for debate … [Read more...]

National Road Safety Week

National Road Safety Week

Today, as National Road Safety Week begins, the Queensland road toll tragically stands at 79, 13 more than 2017 and Queensland motorists are being urged to slow down and avoid alcohol consumption as key messages for the week. Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey says we should all be … [Read more...]

Police Praise Behaviour

winton 2 (002)

Take every local, add over six thousand visitors and throw a party and you have what Police would be fair in thinking might be a headache. But they are singing the praises of organisers, locals and visitors alike with no major incidents reported or occurring at Winton’s The Way Out West … [Read more...]

KAP Leader Calls for Boycott of State Ministers


Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has issued a brutal warning to the State Ministers that they will not be welcome in North Queensland unless they address the crocodile explosion which continues to see the beasts creep into populated waterways. The warning comes after reports of a three-metre … [Read more...]

Farmers Anger Bubbles Up


Queensland farmers are angry, bitterly disappointed and have "hit the end of their rope" according to AgForce General President Grant Maudsley who says the Parliamentary committee recommendation to proceed with flawed vegetation management laws is a disgrace. Mr Maudsley says the … [Read more...]

Farmers Ignored


The Parliamentary Committee established to review the State Government’s new vegetation management laws has given them the green light, despite massive opposition to the changes. In a 147-page report tabled the State Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Industry Development Committee … [Read more...]

More Bank Focus to Regional and Remote Areas


Senator Barry O’Sullivan, one of the main advocates for the Banking Royal Commission, says it’s now time for the banks to set up and restore their credibility by re-engaging with people from the bush. He says the banks need to provide products and services that ‘work’ for rural enterprises and … [Read more...]