Volunteers – Take A Bow


Today (5 December) is International Volunteer Day, and it’s the opportunity for all of us to celebrate and acknowledge the contribution they make in Our Towns and communities. Queensland is home to more than 700,000 active volunteers, each playing their part in making the state’s thriving … [Read more...]

The Fire Risk – Current Regulations Unworkable


Excessive fuel loads on government land are a major cause of the risk of fire according to many farmers who faced the force of fire in the past two weeks. And a raft of politicians are now joining force. Capricornia MP Michelle Landry says residents are calling for a return of ‘cool’ burning to … [Read more...]

Extreme Weather & Asthma


Asthma Australia has launched a new campaign that is offering support and information to Australians to Breathe Better in Extreme Weather, recognising the impact severe weather can have on people with asthma. By following six key steps, The Breathe Better in Extreme Weather campaign highlights … [Read more...]

‘Ho, Ho, NO’ to unsafe Christmas toys


The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has revealed the results of its proactive Christmas toy safety campaign Operation Safe Christmas 2018. OFT is pleased with the level of compliance and understanding of product safety laws shown by most stores. Of the 4,968 toy lines inspected state-wide, … [Read more...]

On the Go – Adani


After eight years of fighting green attacks and relentless court challenges, Adani have announced today to a packed mining industry lunch crowd in Mackay that ‘we have finance and they are ready to start’. Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen has been quick to welcome the … [Read more...]

Prepare for Extreme Weather


Health authorities are warning Queenslanders across all regions of the state to be on alert, as the extreme weather events sweep in. Queensland Health has stood up the State Health Emergency Contact Centre and activated the State-wide Heatwave Response Plan. Queensland Acting Chief Health … [Read more...]

A Quiet Green Light

china stone mine

A new mega-mine worth $ 7 Billion has been green lighted by the State Government for the Galilee Basin. In a move that failed to produce even a media release the Minister Queensland’s independent Co-ordinator-General has approved MacMines Austasia Pty Ltd.’s proposal to construct and operate … [Read more...]