The Old Bag Runnin’ Out of Time

plastic shopping bags

48 days-Then that is it. Plastic bags with our shopping will be no more, set to go the way of those old, big re-enforced paper bags we phased out decades ago. That move was taken in an effort to save the environment from tree felling. This move also targets environmental concerns with … [Read more...]

Farmers Ignored


The Parliamentary Committee established to review the State Government’s new vegetation management laws has given them the green light, despite massive opposition to the changes. In a 147-page report tabled the State Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Industry Development Committee … [Read more...]

AgForce Calls for Facts


AgForce is calling on the State Government to order an independent study into the social and economic impacts of new vegetation management laws after it was revealed last week that none has been undertaken and none are planned. The call follows last week’s meetings and rallies across the state … [Read more...]

Time to Stand Up to Nonsense

ag laws

Despite the claims made by the Natural Resources Minister, the new vegetation management laws being slammed through parliament are not the same laws rejected by the Queensland Parliament in 2016 re-introduced again. AgForce General President Grant Maudsley says they are far worse and go much … [Read more...]