Killer bats hold Charters Towers hostage

flying foxes

Federal member Bob Katter says the Premier of Queensland needs to understand that this time he’s very serious. Mr Katter says he is in legal discussions about prosecuting the Qld Premier and Health Minister on the first available illness case, that is likely to fall from the current bat … [Read more...]

A Town in Bat Lock Down


With more than 200,000 flying foxes now invading Charters Towers Township the region is in the grips of its worst yet plague of flying foxes and still no word from the State government on a long-term solution. Charters Towers Mayor Liz Schmidt says the sheer numbers of creature this year does … [Read more...]

That Empty Might be Worth Some Coin

10c Deposit Refund Containers SA

Despite those claims from Governments and experts in in the 70’s that having container refunds did nothing environmentally and simply created even more litter disposal issues than they solved, the Parliament this week has moved to make everything old new again. The State’s Waste Reduction and … [Read more...]

People before Crocs: Katter Call

crocodile (1)

Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has used Question Time in the Federal Parliament to highlight the importance of protecting people over crocodiles, claiming the Qld ALP and LNP are ‘dilly dallying’ and won’t let the KAP MP Shane Knuth’s Safer Waterways Bill even be debated. Mr Katter asked a … [Read more...]

Gulf Water Made Available


Previously unallocated water from the Gulf water catchment is being made available with the Minister for Natural Resources Anthony Lynham announcing applications can be made for 92,500 megalitres of water in the Cloncurry and Gilbert Rivers. The Minister says the water is being made available to … [Read more...]

Underground Coal Gasification Banned


A ban on underground coal gasification (UCG) in Queensland is now the letter of the law, following the successful passage of legislation in Parliament this week. UCG involves converting coal to a synthesized gas by burning coal underground. The syngas is processed on surface to create … [Read more...]