The Christmas Flood is…Food


“The retail flood” this year appears to be for Christmas food - As shoppers return in droves to a more ‘traditional’ approach to their Christmas fayre. Nowhere is that more obvious than at Pattemore’s Meats at Alexandra Hills as he and his team are working harder than Santa to deliver hams across … [Read more...]

‘Ho, Ho, NO’ to unsafe Christmas toys


The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has revealed the results of its proactive Christmas toy safety campaign Operation Safe Christmas 2018. OFT is pleased with the level of compliance and understanding of product safety laws shown by most stores. Of the 4,968 toy lines inspected state-wide, … [Read more...]

Unwanted or Just Ungrateful?


And so, the researchers have been busy and have managed to put a number to the amount of ‘Unwanted Gifts’ given as Christmas presents this year- and it sits at $620 million and growing. Per research on behalf of Gumtree tea towels, candles, bath salts, handkerchiefs, fly catchers and knitted … [Read more...]

Droning On


Did you or someone you know get a Drone for Christmas? Here’s the thing - there are a bucket of rules that go with the operational aspects of the unmanned flyers and here are some of them for you. You should only fly the drone in a line of sight, that is, where you can see it without the … [Read more...]

Gotta Return That Gift?


Did you give or receive a Christmas gift that will need to be returned? Per Australian Consumer Law, shoppers are entitled to a refund or replacement if an item is faulty, damaged or dangerous. But we do need to remember that while many retailers are happy to exchange or refund items if you … [Read more...]

Who Has Rudolph’s Rain Coat?


Well we all know that when it rains Santa dons the Driza-Bone…but what of the reindeer? It’ll be a wet run up to Christmas in Our Towns with showers moving in Christmas Eve and a possible shower expected on the day itself. We’ll see the temps creep up to the low to mid 30’s but will be saved … [Read more...]