New Electoral Boundaries a Step Closer

The changes recommended by the Queensland Redistribution Commission (QRC) in February have now moved to ‘Final Determination’ stage and the seat of Dalrymple is still set to disappear.

Dalrymple MP Shane Knuth says he is considering all legal options to battle the Queensland Redistribution electoral changes allCommission’s decision to abolish Dalrymple, but said if it goes ahead he would run in Hill at the next election.

The QRC’s Final Determination, delivered this week is the QRC’s final involvement in the redistribution process, having adjusted where it felt it necessary and where it was able, and now those still unhappy have until June 16 to lodge a legal appeal in the Supreme Court.

The existing seat of Dalrymple now gets split across three electorates.

Charters Towers will sit at the eastern border of the new seat Traeger, which includes Mount Isa in the west, Karumba in the North and Dajarra in the south.

KAP MP Rob Katter likely to contest Traeger.

The QRC in its report claims the inclusion of Charters Towers in the same electorate as the town of Mount Isa, occurred primarily because the existing seat of Mount Isa needed to gain more numbers to keep North Queensland electorates within guidelines.

“While the Commission accepts the argument that Charters Towers shares far greater commonality of interests with the Burdekin electorate, the large number of electors in this area are needed in Traeger, and could not be accommodated in Burdekin without causing huge disruption and changes to numerous electorates.”

“Therefore, to ensure the sustainability of Traeger’s enrolment, the district needed to expand east and gain both land and electors from the existing Dalrymple.”

Chair of the QRC Hugh Botting says the Commission is now confident in its placement of the new electorates.

“The Commission’s number one priority was the number of voters in each electorate because that’s quite simply the law. Every district must contain relatively the same number of electors so that each vote carries equal weight at the ballot box.”

The Queensland Redistribution Commission’s final determination can be viewed online at