More Green Pressure for Palaszczuk

As Ag. fury mounts over the State Government’s controversial new vegetation management laws, World Wild Life Foundation has revealed its next step in its march against farmers.

WWF campaigner Martin Taylor is tacking the property map of assessable vegetation (PMAVs) system claiming up to a quarter of land certified by the Department of Natural Resources as Category X should not be able to be touched by farmers.


“This accounts for nearly two-thirds of all clearing. While many exempt areas are shrubby regrowth, at least a quarter of these are advanced secondary forest that should not be exempt. Unfortunately, landholders can lock-in exemptions just by requesting a certified property map.”

LNP opposition agriculture spokesman Tony Perrett says that’s the next battle.

“I am extremely concerned that already three conservation groups have let the cat of out the bag and suggested that these changes are only the start. They will stop at nothing to get their own way and make the Labor government dance to their tune.Let there be no misunderstanding. They will not stop, and will push for more draconian, destructive and extensive restrictions.”

Mr Perret says WWF is well known for its political hold over Labor and it’s use of exaggerated data and questionable science as it misrepresents issues to push an anti Ag agenda.

Meanwhile member for Gregory LACHLAN Millar is questioning the sincerity of Government to public hearings into its latest vegetation management bill.

His comments follow a tweet published by Health Minister, Steven Miles, hours after the bill was tabled in Parliament last week.

Mr Miles tweet- a picture of the legislation saying, “We’ve got enough votes this time”, drew positive like responses from cabinet ministers Jackie Trad, Mark Bailey and Leeanne Enoch.

Mr Millar says that’s contemplable action.

“When you table a bill it has to go through the committee process for six weeks so this just shows contempt for that. Their minds are already made up and they’ve gone back to demonising farmers before even sitting down and talking to them. It shows what they think of us, and of the process.”

Mr Millar says that what’s now urgently needed is less emotion and more facts.

“Protecting the reef is vital but scaremongering about the impact of farmers and graziers is disgraceful.”