Money to Power Down

The State Government has announced payments of $400 to buy and install air conditioning units that can be controlled by power authorities during peak times.

wall mounted air conditioner
The power down incentive is also being offered to those who have existing systems installed that can be switched to the new power plan.

The move follows months of assurances from the Government that the Queensland Power grid system remains the most robust in the nation, but today Treasurer Curtis Pitt and Energy Minister Mark Bailey say the power down incentive is necessary to ensure peak demand can be managed this coming summer.

The expansion of the “PeakSmart” air conditioning program to regional Queensland means a household or small business will receive a cash reward of up to $400 if they purchase a peak smart air conditioner which means an installed system is automatically switched to run in economy mode at peak demand times or when more people opt to turn on their systems.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the move is part of the plan.

“Expanding the PeakSmart program to include regional Queensland households is part of the Summer Preparedness Plan that focusses on ensuring Queensland’s power system security and reliability.”

Energy Minister Bailey says Queensland is already feeling the early signs of a hot summer with the potential of high demand for electricity.

“The Queensland Energy Security Taskforce has worked closely with Queensland’s electricity generators and our networks to develop the Summer Preparedness Plan to ensure that we can respond to these challenges.”

“That’s why we’re expanding the PeakSmart air conditioning incentive program which has been run by Energex in South East Queensland to now also be available in regional Queensland.”

“It is expected an average of 1500 additional customers (each month) could join the program which will help manage the increasing demand on the network through the summer months.”

“It is important to remember these peak demand events may occur only a few times a year.”

The announcement comes on a day when the Federal Government is moving to drop renewable energy targets while the Queensland government remains dedicated to a 50% renewable energy target by 2030.