Making a Splash This Easter? – Then Stay Safe

We’re being reminded today that Easter can be a time when added vigilance around swimming pools is paramount.

swimming pool 3Acting Minister for Housing and Public Works Coralee O’Rourke says making sure pools are safe and supervising children are key.

“The Easter long weekend is a time when many families take advantage of a few days off to relax by the pool for a break, but backyard pools can be dangerous or even deadly without proper safety measures.”

Pool owners must make sure they comply with our strict safety legislation, which has been strengthened even further.

“This means ensuring your pool is appropriately fenced, as well as making sure gates are closed and latched securely.”

The Minister is urging pool owners to check pool fences and gates.

It’s also wise to give the pool a health check ahead of the Easter splash with pool experts saying now’s the time for a full check to avoid ear infections and the like that may result from an unbalanced pool.

Check that the following are within the recommended operational range:
• Total Alkalinity 60 – 200 ppm
• pH 7.2 – 7.6, and
• Calcium hardness 0 – 500 ppm.

The pool is now ready for use, and the normal routines specified by the builder can be resumed.