Local Pollies Begin Post Debbie Work.

KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter is thinking ahead and has contacted the Government at the “highest level” and asked for Casevac helicopters and sought assurances of the Australian Defence Force’s availability to aid post Cyclone Debbie.bob-katter-1

“We’ve also been in touch with KAP State Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth and we’ve been advised that he’s contacted the responsible State Ministers and I understand he’ll be in communication with the Premier early tomorrow morning.”

“In floods, there is grave danger from snakes and unfortunately crocs… but in any event, there is a much higher likelihood of nefarious accidents and there can be immense danger inside a damaged house. “

“Brave North Qld has taken the worst that nature could throw at us but we’re tough and we intend to get through it that again. “

“Once again, we will stand at our posts, shoulder our arms and face the worst.”

“The State Government promised us a cyclone shelter at Cardwell that’s never materialized. There is a thinking ‘oh it won’t happen again’, well this is a few short years later and it is happening again, or close enough to it anyway.”

Mr Katter will be following up the State’s promise for a cyclone shelter this week.