Mayor hopeful for funding for Towers region


Charters Towers Mayor Frank Beveridge is back in town and hopes his trip to Canberra this week will successfully be a starting point for gaining funding for our region. Cr Beveridge says water and roads were among the key issues discussed with both areas needing improvement in and around Charters … [Read more...]

New bridges in Charters Towers region

frank beveridge

Charters Towers Regional Council was successful in its attempt to receive federal funding to fix two bridges in the region. Reedybrook Creek Bridge at Greenvale and the Eight Mile Creek Bridge in Pentland will both be replaced with stronger, single lane concrete bridges. Mayor Frank Beveridge … [Read more...]

“Jobs are vital for the long term viability of Charters Towers”


That comes from Mayor Frank Beveridge ahead of today's forum in Townsville where representatives of the state government will be discussing funding for the Northern Australia white paper. "As a small country town we need jobs, we need the local, state and federal government all to be on the same … [Read more...]