Local graziers say no to new vegetation management legislation


AgForce Queensland held a community forum with local graziers in Charters Towers this afternoon to discuss the effects of the Governments proposed changes to vegetation management laws. President Grant Maudsley was on hand to answer questions and inform farmers on just how detrimental these laws … [Read more...]

Tax will turn backpackers away from the West

The new backpacker tax is set to come in to place in July this year.

New taxation laws could see foreign backpackers avoid rural and remote areas due to the cost of travel and poorer earning potential. Both foreigners and farmers are up in arms over the changes that will see backpackers pay a massive 32.5 per cent tax on every dollar they earn working in … [Read more...]

Rural Crisis Summit – Mayor Beveridge applauds attempts to help our graziers


"Any moves in the direction of financially helping them is great." That comes from Charters Towers Mayor Frank Beveridge ahead of the Rural Crisis Summit at the end of the month. The summit headed by local KAP member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth who will address issues unique to our town in the … [Read more...]

Report underlines financial and social costs of wild dog attacks


The final in a series of ABARES reports for Australian Wool Innovation Limited has underlined the serious financial and social impacts of wild dog attacks in the sheep and cattle industries—with many farmers dedicating close to a month out of every year tackling the issue. Minister Joyce says the … [Read more...]

Fair go for family farmers


The Australian Government’s introduction of an Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman is good news for Australian family farms, the majority of which are also small businesses. Small Australian businesses will soon have, in the Ombudsman, a new advocate at the federal level to … [Read more...]

A Voice for Rural and Regional Queensland

Shane Knuth and Robbie Katter

Agriculture lobby group, Agforce, says it believes that the state election result whilst confused will bode well for Agriculture in the future. Agforce has voiced its many concerns throughout the Queensland state election regarding the lack of representation of the state’s Agriculture … [Read more...]