Labour hire licence applications closing soon

Today is the last day Labour hire providers have to apply for a licence, under the Government’s new labour hire laws.

The Department of Industrial Relations has received more than 2300 applications for a labour hire licence and more than 350 had been granted since the new labour hire licensing laws started on 16 April 2018.

Existing labour hire providers had a 60-day transitional period to apply for a labour hire licence – but time is up from today.

Minister Grace Grace says as long as their application is in by 15 June, operators can continue operating while it is being processed.

“But if operators miss this deadline to apply they must cease operation until a licence has been granted. The application process is really simple, with one provider who recently lodged an application describing the application process as ‘straightforward and user-friendly’.”

Any new labour hire business would also need to obtain a licence before they could operate in Queensland and this includes interstate organisations that supply workers into Queensland.

The Queensland’s Labour Hire Licensing Compliance team is now fully up and running.

Operators who offer labour hire services without a licence, or those who try to avoid their responsibilities to workers, will risk having their licence suspended or cancelled.

THE minister says dodgy operators and unlicensed operators could face a hefty fine or up to three year’s jail time.

“If you don’t follow the rules, then you can expect a visit from our compliance unit.”

For more information on Queensland’s Labour Hire Licensing Scheme or to check if a business is licensed go to