Katter Takes on Fight for Coal

Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has hit back at politicans who he says are creating the collapse of economies by anti-coal mining stands.

coal mine 1Speaking in Mackay this week Mr Katter says he is warning the CFMEU won’t lie down and let “The ALP belt the hell out of the coal industry”.

“Mackay, Townsville and Rockhampton, and all the area behind it from Moranbah and Dysart to Charters Towers and Emerald, whose entire economies are collapsing because of the ridiculous nature of the attacks on coal – hinges on the exploitation of the Galilee Basin, with Adani’s $3 billion in exports and $6 billion from other Galilee mines, and 90,000 jobs.”

“Yet I sat in Parliament and listened to nine out of nine Australian Labor Party members all stand up and attack coal, then tell us about the silly stuff on roofs that lasts only 15 years and loses 30 per cent unless you clean it every nine days. Not to mention the poor people who can’t afford solar – what, are they supposed to just go jump?”

Mr Katter says he’s reminding the Labor Party that the coal mining areas of Australia have given the Labor Party just about every seat, every year, since the start of coal mining.

‘And this is the way we get repaid by the ALP – a bunch of absolutely classic bludgerigars. Every single ALP Member of Parliament, State and Federal, should be utterly ashamed of himself or herself for spitting on the people who have given support for generations.”

“Speaking on behalf of the workers, we are sick and tired of being spat upon by a bunch of bludgerigars – and the ALP here is worse than LNP.”

Mr Katter is also calling for the State Government to take ownership of the proposed rail line to Abbott Point.

“For both Governments to give the control of the coalfields to one corporation through a foreign-owned rail line is beyond belief.

“The Government must build a multi-user rail line, owned by the people, to open Australia’s largest thermal coal reserve, rather than close it down by giving it away to a foreign-owned corporation.”