Katter – Private Rail Line a Mistake

Member for Kennedy Bob Katter says he’s pleased to see action on Adani after years of advocating but today’s announcement is not all that KAP had hoped for.raliway-line

“Whilst we remain strong supporters of Mr Adani, for both Governments to give the control of the coalfields to one corporation through that rail line is beyond belief.”

“Mining companies will not open operations when they are at the mercy and control of a competitor. “

Mr Katter says the best model rail came years ago, from Joe Bjelke -Petersen.

“In the much maligned Bjelke–Petersen government we built over 6000km owned by the people of Queensland, who profited greatly from the cost subsidization, such as free pensioner travel.”

Mr Katter says it is imperative that the rail line into the Galilee be for the benefit of the region and all mines in the area.

His calls are echoed by fellow Katter Party State Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter.

He says the line needs to remain in the possession of Australians once it is done.

“This railway should be a tool for other projects that may open up in the region, not just as a profit maker for Adani.”

And member for Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth agrees.

Mr Knuth however says time now to focus on the benefits for his electorate.

“The regions arelooking forward to making the most of the possibilities behind this project. We have proven to be supportive of opening up the Galilee Basin; we want to see jobs and royalties flow into our towns and councils.”