Katter Praises Ministers’ Croc Stance

The Federal member for Kennedy Bob Katter has welcomed Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg move towards approval of a croc cull in Queensland.

crocodile (1)Mr Frydenberg says he has the power to order a cull under Federal laws, and that he believes that “In my book human life comes first … such action properly considered and carried out would have my full support.”

Mr Katter welcomes says it’s good to see some serious comment from Canberra on this.

“They’ve come to their own conclusion and they are right. In the case of crocs in the Nth, nature is completely out of balance. Shooting safaris and egg harvesting will start to get the numbers back into balance.”

Mr Katter is advocating Croc Safaris which he says will provide a vitally important income stream for our First Australians.

“This Minister has always touted to do some big game hunting in Canberra, well this this will almost certainly provide him with quality ammunition, this is a very good decision. “

“We’re talking about all of Nth Aus – were talking about a third of the constituents. The population of Nth Aus is must bigger than North Shore Sydney. There’d be something done real quick if the crocs were eating them in the Sydney Northern beaches.”