It’s Tuckshop Day!!

Across the state, almost every day of the school week somewhere there’s a team of volunteers working away in our school tuck shops…and today is the day we say thank you to them all.

Tuckshop Day
Tuckshop Day is held annually on the first Friday in November to highlight the important role tuckshops play in school life and the wider community.

First to join the praise crew has been Education Minister Grace Grace.

“Whether you are eight or 80, school tuckshops and the meals they provide sure spark a fond memory and a smile.”

“We thank the tireless workers and volunteers who are the bread and butter of this operation which plays a key part in the school day.”

“Access to nutritious food and drink has never been more important and an effective tuckshop system allows busy families to have one less task to worry about at the start of their day.”

“School communities and tuckshop workers used the ideas inspired by the Queensland Government’s – Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy – Smart Choices to promote healthy eating as a way of maintaining good health.”

Tuckshop volunteers also contribute to a school’s community spirit and tonight we find out which school tuckshop is our best with the Queensland Tuckshop of the Year Awards held tonight.

And remember, schools are always looking for volunteers-Even an hour here or there can make a huge difference to our local schools.

For more information about volunteering opportunities in schools contact Volunteering Queensland.