It’s More Than an Apple for Teacher Today

Our state, Catholic and independent schools in Our Towns are celebrating World Teachers’ Day today and Education Minister Kate Jones is singing their praises.

world-teachers-day-bannerThe Minister says World Teachers’ Day gives the community an opportunity to stop and reflect on the hard work, dedication and commitment of local teachers.

“There are more than 70,000 teachers working in state, Catholic and independent schools across Queensland. I’d like to say thanks to each one of these teachers for the important work they do.”

“We all remember teachers who inspired us – teachers who influenced who we are and what we are doing today. There are few careers that offer such a wide range of challenges and personal reward as being a teacher.”

Each teacher will receive a World Teachers’ Day ribbon today.

From all of us across the region and in Our Towns, to all of our teachers-Thank you.

To our Distance ED teachers – Thank you.

And that is for all your work, your dedication your commitment – Plus More…

You help make our towns tick for today and tomorrow…