International Rural Women’s Day


It’s time to thank the ladies of our wonderful town as today marks the UN’s International Day of Rural Women.

43% of our country’s agricultural workforce is comprised of rural women and Charters Towers is no different. From Gill street to the outer lands you’ll find women working hard at it in charge of our retail services, banks, schools and farms.

And lets not forget the special ladies who outweigh the men when it comes to volunteers. From the ones who act as the first smiling face visitors see at the information center to the charming girls down at Vinnies and the Salvo’s, you are the backbone for our little community.

And so today we recognize the vital role our ladies play in the region and the contribution and sacrifices they make for us all.

The important role you especially play in our agricultural sector does not go unnoticed in such hard times and let us know about some of our town’s inspirational women.