How Stay on the Diet Bandwagon

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It’s said time and time again that we are our own worst enemies when it comes to losing those extra kilos and trying to stick to a wholesome diet.

This is especially true when the holidays swing round and we suddenly get very lazy! The gym becomes non-existent and Christmas leftovers and New Year drinks last for weeks.

But when the fun ends and a new year begins, it’s time to ask yourself: “How can I manage my weight and feel better?”

CSIRO conducted a survey earlier this year to better understand why Australians were unsuccessful at maintaining diets and sticking to that New Year’s resolution.

The survey looked at the weight management habits of more than 2300 Australians and found that 69 per cent of respondents identified themselves as the main barrier to achieving weight loss goals.

52 per cent of Australians blamed social activities while 41 per cent said it was high stress and a lack of motivation that were the culprits when falling off the diet bandwagon.

CSIRO’s Research Director for Nutrition and Health, Manny Noakes explained that it was important for those looking to lose weight to seek support.

“For many Australians, losing weight is a challenging experience,” Professor Noakes said.

“The survey showed that 40 per cent of dieters don’t have the support to help them in their weight loss attempts. Health professionals, friends and family can play a crucial role in helping dieters eat better and control their weight.”

Besides having a strong support network, it’s still up to you to stay healthy and stay on that diet! Try following these five top tips this 2016:

  1. Set realistic weight goals
  2. Drink less alcohol and more water
  3. Eat light, frequent meals
  4. Make smart substitutions (try frozen grapes instead of lollies)
  5. Think positively!