History in the Making

Just after World War 2, some 70 years ago, an organization was formed aimed at proving social and educative resources to young people in rural and regional Queensland – It was known as The Queensland Junior Farmers Organization.

windmills in sunset 1
The name changed to the Rural Youth Organization Queensland in the mid-1960s and more than 200 clubs sprang up.

It was a key organization for young people in the bush until its demise in 2005 and during its 58 years thousands of young people participated in its programs.

Now the role it played during those years is about to be immortalized in print with a small committee commissioned to pen a book, using the residual funds of the defunct organization to cover writing and publishing costs.

The book will aim to capture those thousands of stories, that helped shape regional nd rural Australia and no doubt played a significant role in the shaping of what we have today.

Former members are invited to submit their memories, personal impressions and copies of old photos for consideration in compiling this record.

Jan Veacock heads the committee and is calling on past members, advisors and past staff members to send her their memories and records of their time with JF or RY.

Your contributions can be posted to her at 28 Walsh Street, Harlaxton 4350 or emailed to janmveacock@yahoo.com.