Heavy Metal stops for No-One

Queensland Rail has commenced a new crossing safety campaign, ‘heavy metal stops for no one’.

heavy metal rail
Its purpose is to capture the attention of road users and drive down the rate of level crossing infringements across the state and uses a heavy metal rock band to represent the impact of an oncoming train.

Queensland Rail’s new campaign would feature artwork of a 1980s heavy metal band representing a heavy, fast and loud oncoming train.

The campaign involves a heavy metal rock band approaching road users who are disobeying the signs and signals at a level crossing and shocking them with a heavy metal song featuring Queensland Rail’s safety messages.

The launch of the new campaign followed a 33 % increase in the number of ‘near miss’ incidents reported at Queensland Rail level crossings in the 2017-18 financial year.

Last year, 248 road users were reported experiencing a near miss between their vehicle or themselves and a train at Queensland Rail crossings as a result of disobeying warning signs and signals.

There were also127 incidents last financial year, when road users collided with level crossing infrastructure in place for their protection.

The campaign will be rolled out to train stations, road-side billboards, and social media as part of Rail Safety Week, and will continue through Queensland Rail’s ongoing rail safety education program.

Rail Safety Week runs from 13-19 August 2018.