Greater energy choice for regional Queenslanders

Regional consumers will be able to return to Ergon after switching to another retailer after the State Government passed new energy laws today.

Energy Minister Anthony Lynham says changes to energy legislation brings greater choice for regional Queenslanders.

“Previously, the ‘non-reversion’ policy meant regional customers that switched to another retailer were unable to return to Ergon.The removal of this policy for households and small businesses will give Queenslanders more choice and control over their energy bills.”

“Importantly, these changes will give the regional consumers access to the Government’s Affordable Energy Plan which includes access to Ergon’s Easy Pay Rewards package of annual payments of $75 for residents and $120 for small businesses.’’

Legislative changes also will allow small businesses, as well as people living in residential apartment complexes, retirement villages and caravan parks will now be able to purchase energy directly from an authorised retailer as well as their existing network provider.

Previously, these customers were only able to buy their electricity from the owner of the embedded energy network – such as shopping centre management or apartment complex body corporate.

The Minister says the changes are expected to bring more competition, allowing people to choose from a wider variety of electricity options and allowing them to choose an electricity plan that best suits their needs.

“Queenslanders currently purchasing their electricity through an embedded network should contact an electricity retailer to see what offers might be available.’’

The Government also had introduced rules to allow for the integration of battery technology with solar systems, preventing people using battery systems from profiteering through the Solar Bonus Scheme.

“These changes mean Solar Bonus Scheme customers won’t be allowed to import grid power at a lower kilowatt hour rate, storing this electricity in their battery system, and then selling it back to the network at the higher Solar Bonus Scheme rate.”