Greater Consistency on Lift Laws for Queensland 4WD

Queensland vehicle lift modification laws will change to be more consistent with other jurisdictions for 4WD motorists across the country after consultation with 4WD groups.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey says he was pleased to announce the changes for Queensland’s 4WD lift laws.

4wd rest

“These changes, which follow consultation between my department and industry, will raise the maximum lift certifiable in Queensland from 125mm to 150mm.Importantly, this will make Queensland’s maximum lift, with certification, consistent with the National Code Practice and other states.”

“For vehicles with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), vehicle owners will be able to raise their vehicles up to 75mm (incorporating a maximum of 50mm suspension and 25mm tyre increase) without certification.”

“Queensland already allows such a lift for non-ESC equipped vehicles.

“The move to 75mm without certification, for ESC vehicles will ensure consistency with the rules in NSW and Victoria.”

Mr Bailey says Transport and Main Roads would continue to consult with industry on other aspects of the code, including how to best maintain ESC functionality.

“Our aim is to balance road safety with allowing 4WD enthusiasts the flexibility to manage their driving needs,” he said.

The final version of the new Queensland Code of Practice will be released in October.